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The book I am currently working on – "Scotland Ablaze" – continues my historical survey of past revival legacy in Scotland. My next book fills the time-gap between "Glory in the Glen" and "Land of Many Revivals". Though this period extends to just 22 years – i.e. 1858 to 1879, it is in fact one of the most exciting eras in the whole of Scottish revival history. For it was within this period that occurred the revival of 1858-61 – a truly international revival in fact. It began in Canada, spread to the United States, and jumped the Atlantic to Ulster, where every region was powerfully affected. From Ulster revival fires spread across the Irish Sea to Scotland, Ireland and Wales.

The movement in Scotland constitutes by far the most extensive movement to have occurred in the history of Scottish evangelical awakenings. It extended to every county in the land, and in some counties, nearly every parish.

The book also examines the ‘Revival reverberations’ which, like aftershocks in the aftermath of an earthquake, followed it in the years 1862 to ’65, along with the little-researched ‘Resurgence of revival’ in the years 1866 to ’69. On top of that, there is an extensive study of the impact of the ‘Moody revival’ of 1873 to ’75. How much of Scotland was affected by this movement, and to what extent does it constitute genuine revival. The book examines these issues, and many more.