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Forthcoming Books

I have several writing projects on the go at the moment.  The book I am currently working on is Mighty Revivals the World Forgot! This unique study examines phenomenal yet utterly unknown moves of God’s Spirit across four continents – great spiritual awakenings the Church has completely by-passed – and the lessons we can learn from them.

Many books on revival retell the story of already familiar revivals, but provide little or no fresh information. Popular awakenings that get frequently documented include

The First Great Awakening in America (George Whitefield, Jonathan Edwards 1700s),
The Finney Revivals (Charles Finney 1830s)
The Businessmen’s Prayer Revival in New York (Jeremiah Lanphier 1857-8),
The Welsh Revival (Evan Roberts) 1904-50;
The Korean Revival (1903-8); The Lewis Revival, Scotland (Duncan Campbell 1949-52)

Mighty Revivals the World Forgot! is full of fresh material - dramatic spiritual awakenings you’re unlikely to have even heard of – significant revivals that mysteriously got lost in revival history.

I am also re-examining The Lewis Revival of 1949-52 – in actual fact, one of the most famed revivals, not just in Scottish history, but in world history. For years I avoided looking at this movement in depth because so much had already been written about it and I felt I had little to add. But I increasingly became aware of several aspects of the awakening that hadn’t been adequately researched (or not at all) – such as the hope for National revival that it generated throughout the 1950s and beyond. Another aspect is the gross exaggeration that has attended it. I seek to demythologise what has become a Revival that Never Was, and uncover a beautiful work of grace every bit as remarkable as the greatly embellished accounts.

In addition to these titles, I have several ideas for other books on a non-revival theme. One of these is Modern Miracles that Confirm the Bible! This is a collection of stories, from a vast range of sources to which the author is privy, relating modern-day miracles that parallel biblical miracles. Most Christian ‘Miracle’ books focus on healings and stories of protection. This unique study goes much further. Miracles paralleling Elijah being fed by ravens; Jesus calming the storm; Philip’s supernatural translation; Daniel enduring extreme heat in a fiery furnace, and scores more utterly incredible, yet well-authenticated, stories. I have already begun writing this book.